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1013 Budapest Hegedus Gyula U. 49.

Eos Institute Ec Kft. térkép

Eos Institute Ec Kft.

Telefon: 1-457-0090


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Cégünk egészségügyi és közösségi valamint médiaszolgáltató weboldalak fejlesztésével, tartalom- és műsorkészítéssel, videófilm gyártással, rendezvényekkel foglalkozik. Web oldalaink: , , ,

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This service will be available soon.

As an advisor, you can choose between our chat (real-time, written chat), video chat (real-time video and audio), and correspondence (you answer questions later) options. Choose the function that suits you best.

Become a webmaster or a partner and make a lot of money with our unique and exclusive products.

With the help of this 24-hour mega-network of advisors, specialists from all over the world can be found on a single website. You can ask doctors, healers, architects, dentists, businesspeople, lawyers, IT specialists, or other experts.

Through this global network of online medical counseling you can receive help, expert opinion, and encouragement 24 hours a day. You can be hotlined to a specialist in any medical field.

On this site, sexologists, OB/GYNs, andrologists, urologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists/venereologists, practitioners of alternative medicine, and psychologists provide 24-hour advice on sexology and intimate health problems.

The whole world is watching you...

...if you are a part of our network. Through the advisory portal of EOSINSTITUTE.COM you can provide paid advice to people all over the world. Anyone may turn to you and seek your advice. You can be a doctor or a tuning engineer, a hairdresser or a lawyer: with us, you can work as an independent advisor.

Become an advisor with EOSINSTITUTE.

We can provide you with 24-hour availability, even while you are working somewhere else. Your letters will get collected in your mailbox and you’ll have a chance to answer them whenever your time allows. Working from your home, you will receive a lot of work and you will have the chance to choose which ones you would like to accept.

Work for the whole world - even from your yacht. :)

You have some free time and you went out to have some fun? Did you spend your whole night in a casino and now you’re tired? Sit down and watch the sunrise with your laptop in your lap. You can earn money comfortably while you relax and enjoy the view. You will always need money, right?

Sign up and enjoy the benefits.

We accept applicants from any area of expertise; people who can – through their practical and theoretical knowledge and experience – provide our clients with high quality expert advice.
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The construction of the new online megaproject, which the creators, the owners of EOS, would like to launch in 2010, is under way. At, experts from common and uncommon specialty fields will be available to clients from all over the world. The creation of this global specialist network is not only a huge business idea: the users can also benefit from it immensely by enjoying 24-hour instant help or instant access to material that’s essential to their work – without having to travel. Besides allowing the user to browse and participate in message board discussions, a professional, interpersonal flow of information will be created through direct contact. And the value of such goal-oriented and business-friendly connections is rather high.

NSD ( is a worldwide network of doctors: in 2010, we will start collecting under our roof doctors who are available online and can be approached with medical problems from one’s home. NSD will provide 24-hour access to the technical connections and business solutions related to paid services. Patients will be able to have consultations live, through video chat, and also through letters, which is something that is unprecedented in the field of medicine. Doctors and patients will even be able to have overseas consultations: through NSD, they will be able to see and hear each other in real time and make notes which can be saved. will solve it for you! There will always be sexual dysfunctions. The most intimate way to have a consultation is from the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home. OC is developing a network of specialists who will be instantly available and able to help in all areas related to good sexual health. Besides sexologists, there will also be practitioners of alternative medicine, urologists, plastic surgeons, as well as other specialists. Live video consultations are often required in reaching a solution, but there is also a great demand for correspondence consultations. The most widely read topics on web portals are those of sex, eroticism, columns dealing with personal issues, and public correspondence. These, however, have thus far failed to satisfy personal demands or to provide a more personal and intimate relationship with the experts. Now, OC will make all of this possible.

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